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The future is already in your ears

Earbuds have become so tiny and light that you can forget you are wearing them. For some, they have become an integral part of their “persona”. Let a few years go by and the broad adoption of aural augmented reality (getting augmented information through sound and voice, seamlessly, through earbuds) …

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High def electrocorticography

A cross disciplinary team at the university of California San Diego, comprising surgeons, engineers and researchers, announced the development of a membrane designed to pick up electrical activity from the brain cortex with a never before achieved spatial resolution. The membrane is a thin pliable foil embedding nanorods of platinum …

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A futuristic truck

A truck is a truck, you can’t expect advanced design wasted on a truck.Yet, Pininfarina Shanghai has decided that this should not be so. Pininfarina is a well known design leader for (luxury) cars and it is sort of surprising to see them engaging on truck design. On the other …

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Connected Health

The trend towards continuous monitoring of our healthcare through ambient and wearable sensors is more than a trend: it is becoming reality. It is also a step towards the digital transformation of healthcare. This is what I see when looking at statistics like the one published by Park Associates on …

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Autonomous tractors ready to change farming

CES 2022 is back to (quasi) normal and many companies are using this opportunity to present their latest innovation as well as to make promises on their commitment to release those innovations to the market. In the coming days I will comment on a few of these announcements. Today is …

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Smart Bandage

If you ever had direct or indirect experience with chronic wounds (wounds that are very hard to heal) you know how complex is the monitoring, as well as -quite often- how painful for the patient the removal of bandages, the cleaning of the wound and its medication. Now a team …

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