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Your camera knows what you are watching

In the past decade digital cameras (including the now extinguished point and shoot, killed by smartphones) have learnt to look at the scene you are about to shoot to single out some detail, like a smile, a face, even a dog and automatically focus on that object. Some cameras can …

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Neurograins: a wireless network ON your brain

A team of researchers from Brown, Baylor University, University of California at San Diego and Qualcomm has been working in the past four years on a new approach to interface with the brain. So far BCIs make use of electrodes (implanted, or positioned inside/outside the skull) that can sense electrical …

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Digital Therapeutics

If you split the total cost of healthcare based on what is ensuring your health you’ll discover something interesting: 20% is attributable to medical cure, including visits, exams, prescriptions 20-30% relates to your lifestyle, what you eat, drink, exercise, smoke (not smoke), positive attitude,… the remaining 50%+ is related to …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XXXI – No one at the wheel 1

The trend towards autonomous mobility, in all sectors, is “unstoppable” leveraging on several technologies that have been evolving in the last decade and that are promising to become affordable in the current one. Automation in mobility feeds on the same forces that pushed automation in manufacturing: better and consistent performances …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XIII – Doctor at home

Healthcare at home At home healthcare is nothing new. As technology progresses there are more and more opportunity for continuous monitoring and remote diagnostics. I remember I started to be involved, from a Telco perspective, in telemedicine 40 years ago as we were looking for application of ISDN, an amazing …

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Sutures that heal and monitor

Sutures have been used for thousands of years by all civilisation. We have testimony of sutures using vegetable fibres, even sutures using the claws of some type of insects. Of course, modern medicine is no longer using these “natural” materials having been able to leverage on much better materials created …

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