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Pinch me!

I bought my Airpods just 2 weeks ago and of course now there is a new, and better, model. That’s life in this never ending tech evolution. You have probably read about them. What stimulated this post it’s not the Airpods per sé but a new sensor that has been …

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Building a Smart City from scratch – VI

6. Internet of Things Internet of Things is no news. Sensors (most IoTs are sensors) are everywhere and a city with a million people has probably over hundred million sensors (a smartphone has some 14 sensors, a car can have 200 sensors, a home can have a hundred or more …

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Building a Smart City from scratch – III

3. Autonomous vehicles, BleuTech in its announcement of their new (mini) smart city construction (starting December 2019), BleuTechPark, in the Las Vegas Valley have indicated the intention of using self-driving vehicles for public transportation. They are not alone. It is now quite a few decades since the first automated metro …

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Sensors and LIDAR Markets

The sensors area is so big that it makes little sense to provide a single market value aggregate. There are estimates on sensors for smartphones (a huge market that is levelling out as smartphones are reaching a maturity point in terms of penetration, expected CAGR 2019-2023 0f 2%), on automotive …

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Neurograins may be the future of BCI

Neurograin chips contain a coil-shaped on-chip antenna at their perimeters. The antenna surrounds uplink and downlink circuits that transmit and receive at megabits-per-second data rates.  Brain Computer Interfaces have been around for several years and have benefitted from evolution in both sensors, communication and signal processing domains. Underlying these evolutions …

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