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Home-centric Hospital

We have seen over the last 70 years a progressive squeezing of size and decreasing of price of high tech systems to the point that it has become feasible the shift from centralisation to decentralisation. When I started working, “the computer” was a big, costly, machine that could only be …

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Planning for the New World – VIII

Strengthening Regional Development This is the closing post of this series. In all previous ones I have considered the World as a single entity, and I pointed out that cooperation is needed, both at the level of a single multinational company (Corporate Governance), at the level of supply and delivery …

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Need to track turtles? Use a drone!

Researchers have been making use of technology to track moose and shark, migratory birds and Alaskan bears and whatever you can imagine in between. Most of the time they use some kind of beacons generating radio signals that can be tracked from afar. This is a significant step forward from …

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Lights and Shadows of Covid-19 on Digital Transformation – XVI

Supply and delivery chains are possibly some of the most complex and successful achievement of modern society. The computerisation of their management has made possible an unbelievable effectiveness. With quite a bit of simplification (over-simplification possibly) we can recognise these stages: Innovation and streamlining of transportation Creation of warehouses and …

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Moving your fingers in the cyberspace

Sony researchers were due to present a paper at CHI 2020,  scheduled at the end of April in Honolulu, Hawaii, but because of the epidemic the conference was cancelled. Their paper, however, is available. And it is a paper worth reading. The title, “Evaluation of Machine Learning Techniques for hand …

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Hacking your dreams

Just few days ago I was wishing Happy Birthday to a friend of mine turning 70 and I told him that a back of the envelope calculation indicated that he spent some 23 years sleeping, wasting a tremendous amount of time. Now I stumbled onto this news reporting on a …

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