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Self, selves and emerging self -III

Digital twins – The computational brain hypotheses We are used to computers built with chips in silicon. However, we also had computers made of vacuum tubes, others made with relays, even mechanical computers using levers and gears. Those were in the past, today we have molecular computers and on the …

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Self, selves and emerging self -II

Mind’s I – Our cognitive self We know more than the ownership of our body, that’s my hand, that’s where it is right now, that is where I want it to be next. We know that we are “we”. We can think about ourselves and we know that we are …

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Self, selves and emerging self

In the recently published second White Paper by the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative there are very brief mentioning of self, selves and super self in relation to machines and human machine symbioses. Here I would like to share some thoughts on this based on discussions that took place in that …

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