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The Passenger Economy

An interesting report published by Intel is looking at a world where vehicles will no longer require a human driver. It is not going to happen tomorrow, but it is not too far away either. The first signs are likely to become visible in the next decade. Most likely the …

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Testing autonomous cars

Self driving cars are getting serious. There are already many cars that can drive autonomously, millions miles have actually been driven with no driver at the wheel. However, to become mainstream leaving the stage of prototype, industry has to win Government approval and a new set of regulations has to …

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Networked Intelligence makes cars safer

Work is accelerating on increasing the autonomy of cars, aiming at self driving cars in the next decade, and in their cooperation to increase safety. This latter goal, although self evident, is much more complex that it would seem. Imagine two cars, one following the other. It is evident that …

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Transportation leveraging on 5G

Most road transportation today is using wireless communications, both for its operation as well as offering connectivity, entertainment and information services to “passengers”. As important if not even more the use of wireless in tracking goods enabling continuous monitoring and effectiveness in the logistics value chains. In the coming years, …

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My PetaByte Car

Just few days ago Tim Cook, Apple CEO, in an interview with Bloomberg confirmed the interest of Apple in the evolution of cars, that will follow in parallel three directions: autonomous driving, electric power, and ride-handling. Although he didn’t say what Apple is planning it is clear that they look …

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