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Can you tell what’s missing?

At the end of 2018 Waymo launched its first commercial taxi service using fully autonomous vehicles.  A few hundreds people in Phoenix, AZ, who participated in the trial can now order a Waymo One taxi using the app on their smartphone. No need to indicate the pick up point, the …

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Grocery is coming to your doorstep, autonomously

As a few (big) companies are working on making self driving cars safe and affordable a few (small) companies are looking at the delivery market with autonomous vehicles. Nuro has started delivering grocery in Scottsdale, Az, at Fry’s store in partnership with Kroger, the giant food store chain in the …

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Testing self-driving cars in a smart cyberspace

As part of its Future Mobility Grand Challenge – watch the clip- the UK Government is funding the creation of a sophisticated ambient simulator, OmniCAV,  recreating 32 km of Oxfordshire roads, including rural and village roads. OmiCAV will be used as a testing environment for CAV -Connected Autonomous Vehicles- and it …

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Wheels with Software of Software with Wheels?

Tesla has been leading the pack of automakers towards self driving cars and in a way it is an underdog in the complex world of automakers. Lately, major car manufacturers have unveiled plans and roadmaps to deliver completely autonomous self driving cars (that couples with electric cars) and a variety …

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Towards self organising networks

One of the potential of 5G is its capability to hand over the control of communications resources to applications/users. These can self organise their network capabilities/resources. To what extent this will happen remains to be seen, since Network Operators are not likely to open up their network resources. Network slicing …

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