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Platforms, present and future VI

3. Industry platforms II A separate post to discuss a quite different sort of platform, the car platform. It has been used by the car manufacturing industry for over 50 years now as a way to decrease the cost of production. The idea is to have a common base: floor …

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Can you tell what’s missing?

At the end of 2018 Waymo launched its first commercial taxi service using fully autonomous vehicles.  A few hundreds people in Phoenix, AZ, who participated in the trial can now order a Waymo One taxi using the app on their smartphone. No need to indicate the pick up point, the …

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Grocery is coming to your doorstep, autonomously

As a few (big) companies are working on making self driving cars safe and affordable a few (small) companies are looking at the delivery market with autonomous vehicles. Nuro has started delivering grocery in Scottsdale, Az, at Fry’s store in partnership with Kroger, the giant food store chain in the …

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