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Meeting carbon emission reduction goals

McKinsey has published recently a most interesting report looking at the 2021-2050 period on the expected evolution of road transportation. It addresses several aspects that over the next 3 decades will change the whole road transportation landscape. The shift towards electrical vehicles will take up steam and already now it …

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The shift to EV is already creating casualties

Electric Vehicles are great, aren’t they? They don’t pollute, require a much more limited maintenance than ICE (Internal Combustion Engines). It would seem that everybody should line up for them (provided their cost keeps decreasing) and cheer the transition. Well, as always happen in complex systems, the landscape is quite …

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From Taxi to TxAI: a big leap ahead

On December 23rd, 2021, Abu Dhabi has become the first city with a commercial autonomous taxi service, TxAI, that is Taxi driven by AI. The trial started few months ago and now it is no longer a trial (offering free rides to suspicious but daring customers) but a regular service …

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Macro changes ahead – I

I have been asked to provide a really (really!) short presentation, 1 to 2 minutes, to the IEEE Board providing technology evolution forecast for this decade. I started the (recorded) presentation by saying that it was impossible to provide a foresight on tech evolution by looking just at … tech …

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Megatrends for this decade – XL

Artificial Intelligence driving automation Many industries have adopted automation in both production, using robots – RPA: Robot Process Automation -, and document flow (process automation). This has had a significant impact on the workforce, both in terms of downsizing (activities moved from blue collars to robots and from white collars …

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Platforms, present and future VI

3. Industry platforms II A separate post to discuss a quite different sort of platform, the car platform. It has been used by the car manufacturing industry for over 50 years now as a way to decrease the cost of production. The idea is to have a common base: floor …

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