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Machine/Human Integrated Learning Technologies II

Learning technologies have been focussing on human beings and how to improve human learning. Significant advances have been made in the last decades leveraging computer and internet power compounded with the availability of more and more flexible, and ubiquitous, devices. This evolution will continue as more understanding on learning processes …

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Watch out for that vacuum cleaner!

It is no news at all that data are important and that we are flooded by data. Actually, it is exactly because it is no news that the ever increasing sources of data fall below our perception and that is a problem. Take something like a vacuum cleaner. The Roomba, …

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Roomba moves to the garden

Joe Jones was one of the researchers in the team that invented Roomba, actually Joe was the one providing the vision of a robot that was simple enough and affordable enough to be used in a home as vacuum cleaner. Roomba is probably one of the most successful robot ever, …

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