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Fog is clearing up

Yesterday I spoke in a panel on fog, the shift of clouds to the edges of the network. The panel focused on the business drives and consequences. The four panelists, although came from different sectors, agreed that fog is inevitable from a business viewpoint. For some it will be a …

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Emergent beings – II

The proposed change of name, from “tools” to “systems” I made in the previous post is the consequence of a new qualitative dimensions of modern, computerised tools. Yes, today’s computerised tools are way more complex than what we used just 100 years ago, but that is not the reason. Today’s …

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A chip that “sees”

    The digital image sensors that we have in our smart phones and digital cameras capture photons and sends the data about each of their pixels with a string of digits expressing the luminosity and colour. The sensor does not know if a pixel is related to a house …

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The reshaping of construction industry

The construction industry is going to be reshaped in the next decade and the first signs are already visible today. There will be a number of “forces” steering this reshape, among them I would include the evolution in materials design and production, the physical construction of buildings and the embedding …

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