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Digital Transformation vs Jobs

A quick map of the correlations among Digital Transformation, Automation and Knowledge Society. My chicken scratch… I characterise the Digital Transformation as the shift from the Economy of Scarcity, based on atoms, to the Economy of Abundance, based on bits. This shift is crucial since out of that there are …

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Are collaborative robots fading away?

2018 has closed with the demise of Baxter (and Sayer) the first collaborative robots created back in 2012 by Rethinking Robotics. At the end of October 2018 the company announced it was closing down since they failed to be acquired by a bigger robotic company and were no longer able …

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Digital Transformation vs jobs II

According to Gartner the combined deployment of automation and artificial intelligence in developed markets will start increasing jobs from 2020 on. This may not be the case in developing market where the insourcing of production by developed Countries, mostly Western European and US, will depress production and where skilled labour …

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Digital Transformation in Health Care – I

The Digital Transformation –DT- is pervasive, I cannot imagine a single area not affected by it. However, if I would have to pick up one that will be completely disrupted by the DT and whose disruptions will affect the Society as a whole, the Individual and all what’s in between …

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Learning like a child

Machine learning is making significant progress, soft agents are duplicating themselves to explore different strategies and learn in the process, researchers are finding new ways to tag reality (like movie clips) to let machine learning by capturing those tags. Children do not need any of that to learn. They experience …

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From farm to factory

Just last month I reported on Vertical farming as an alternative agriculture. Now I saw a news on fully robotised agriculture, looking much more like a factory than a farm. Iron Ox, an appropriate name I would say, a California company based in San Carlo, is demonstrating a completely automated …

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