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Some nasty sort of autonomous systems

Back in 1947 Einstein said something like “the fourth world war will be fought by throwing rocks” (there are a few different quotes attributed to Einstein on this point and no consensus on the precise wording he used). The point he made is that a third world war would be …

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Disruptive Technologies beyond 2030 for Extreme Automation

Let’s now consider the Extreme Automation cluster looking at technologies that are being experimented today and that can be deployed commercially around 2030: Autonomous ships and submarines, Autonomous passenger aircraft, Drone freight delivery, Autonomous robotic surgery, Automated knowledge discovery and Self writing software. Autonomous ships and submarines The seas and …

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Disruptive Technologies available today for Extreme Automation

Automation has becoming more and more sophisticated, it basically started with the Industrial Revolution with tools carrying out part of the workers activities, and it really boomed with computers. Now it is progressing even faster under three main enabling (broad) technology areas: sensors, actuators and artificial intelligence. The disruptive technologies …

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Smart Clean Cities

There are several ways of keeping our cities clean and they involve technology in different degrees. The point I am making with this post is that the problem, most of the time, is not about the existence of a (technological) solution, rather it is about choosing the solution that is …

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Do we need Artificial Intelligence for shopping?

Looking at my wife I would most definitely say there is no need for getting “shopping help”. Yet, there seems to be many companies working on providing a variety of shopping help, researchers working on improving the effectiveness of these helps and observers betting on a growing role of Artificial …

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Towards Humans 2.0 – III

Prosthetic limbs have reach such a sophistication that can be seen as operating in a symbiotic relation with the person having them. And in a few cases the person’s perception has fully integrated the prosthetic limb. Newer version have embedded intelligence, able to predict what it will be expected from …

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