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Symphony of humans and machines or “Modern Times”?

Robots are becoming a ubiquitous presence in factories and warehouses. There are not just “more” robots, they are requiring and establishing a different relationship with human beings, actually I should say with their “co-workers”. This is a step in the direction foreseen by the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative (now merged …

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Building a Smart City from scratch – VII

7. Robotics Smart Cities and smart citizens. This, for quite a while, was the focus of discussion about the evolution of cities. Get ready for an additional player: smart robots. Many companies are now working to offer urban robots to municipalities, business and citizens; the European Commission has funded the …

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Low Latency and Low Power Communications

These two areas are important for Autonomous Systems (if you are interested in technology trends and roadmaps for their application to Autonomous Systems take a look at the White Paper II of SAS). In the White Paper III, in preparation, we are taking a look at present market and its …

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Cobots in Manufacturing

I am working, with several other people, in the preparation of the third White Paper on Symbiotic Autonomous Systems focussing on today’s use, after the first White Paper addressing the Vision and the second detailing the Roadmaps, and I am looking for contribution from industry in addition to the ones …

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Smart Agriculture

Italy, as most Countries in the world, used to be a country of farmers and farmers were at the same time considered “dense” and “field-smart”. We even have a saying in Italian about the “intelligenza contadina” -farmer intelligence- meaning a kind of intuitive grasp of reality, been smart on concrete …

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Digital Transformation vs Jobs

A quick map of the correlations among Digital Transformation, Automation and Knowledge Society. My chicken scratch… I characterise the Digital Transformation as the shift from the Economy of Scarcity, based on atoms, to the Economy of Abundance, based on bits. This shift is crucial since out of that there are …

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