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A glimpse on 2025 – II

Continuing the analyses of the Huawei’s proposed 2025 technology trends: 3. Super Sight Augmented and Virtual Reality are quite widespread if we think, as an example, about the use of a smartphone as a lens providing a translation of a text by overlaying the translated text on the original one …

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The Dark Side of AI

The ongoing Russia-Ukrainian war is bringing to the fore among many other things the role of technology and in particular the one of artificial intelligence. This blog is not about politics nor taking sides and I’ll stick to that. However, let me say, loud and clear, that waging a war, …

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Today tow vehicles push the airplane away from the finger position onto the apron. The pilot power on the engines and the plane will start taxiing to the runway that in some airports can be a long one, like in Schiphol where it may take more than 20 minutes to …

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Hands-free farming

Being a farmer meant spending a good deal of your life in the open, tilling, seeding, weeding, watering and harvesting. A lot of these activities have been made easier, and more effective, over the last fifty years by using machines to the point that today a farmer is more similar …

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