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4D digital camera for robotic vision

Researchers at Stanford Computational Imaging Lab have developed a 4D camera to help autonomous vehicles and more generally robots to assess their environment. The 4D refers to the fact that the system is able to capture an image (2D) creating various focus planes (3D) using light field technology and providing …

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Watch out for that vacuum cleaner!

It is no news at all that data are important and that we are flooded by data. Actually, it is exactly because it is no news that the ever increasing sources of data fall below our perception and that is a problem. Take something like a vacuum cleaner. The Roomba, …

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Roomba moves to the garden

Joe Jones was one of the researchers in the team that invented Roomba, actually Joe was the one providing the vision of a robot that was simple enough and affordable enough to be used in a home as vacuum cleaner. Roomba is probably one of the most successful robot ever, …

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Robots: creating or killing jobs?

The idea that robots are killing job is easy to understand. A robot comes and it can replace you by doing the same things you used to do, without stopping, without complaining and without distraction at a constant quality. You may get sick and the robot may break down but …

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Robotic Dragonfly

We have been able to develop amazing vehicles, millions of people are flying on comfortable airplanes that are -almost- autonomously flying, robots in the sky. Yet we are still far to create a really small vehicle, as small as an insect, with comparable capabilities. The approach that some researchers have …

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