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Disruptive Technologies available today for the Smart Planet

Let’s keep exploring technologies available today that are likely to disrupt the market, as presented in the Imperial College foresight study’s table of technology disruptions. In the cluster of Smart Planet the researchers have considered the Deep ocean wind farms, Vertical Agriculture, Wireless energy transfer, Concentrated solar power, Micro-scale ambient …

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Olympics of … robots

Painting the five Olympic rings in the sky using 1,200 drones was spectacular and it was watched by billion of people around the world. There were other autonomous systems roaming the Olympic area. Few kilometres away 8 universities competed in the Ski Robot Challenge organised by the Korea Institute for …

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First commercial autonomous systems are here

Self driving cars are making the headlines on media around the world, however it will take several more years before they will become a commercial reality. At the same time, mostly hidden to the mass market perception, other kind of fully autonomous systems are being deployed: there are several fully …

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The rise of Chatboxes

I know that probably I am talking a little too much about Artificial Intelligence, the fact is that I am overwhelmed by news involving Artificial Intelligence. This one is about a chatbox that is better than us in social behaviour, and area that -by definition- should be our own turf! …

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Will there be a Valentine day for robots?

In most part of the world people are celebrating Valentine day with their … Valentine. As I am getting ready to discuss with several colleagues at the Future Direction Committee meeting the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems initiative I couldn’t help to wonder if this day could also be a day (in …

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Towards Humans 2.0 – II

I described our evolution as human species as a result of our ability to develop and use ever more effective (and sometimes) complex tools. Of course this goes both ways. One can rightly say that it is our evolution that has led to the capability of creating better tools. The …

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