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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body VI

Enhanced strength We have learnt to enhance our strength centuries, millennia, ago first with lever then harvesting hydraulic and then steam power. Today we have a tremendous array of machines that multiply ur strength. Our body strength has also improved since our ancestors, we have grown taller (10 cm in …

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Autonomous robot-bees on the horizon

This is a nice news, at least that’s how I see it, because it points out that the world we live in is amazingly complex in its simplicity. You see meadows and buzzing bees and that’s it. No reason to give a second thoughts about that. Yet, that is a …

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Untethered! Now the robot can take a walk

Atlas, a humanoid robot 1.5 m tall, made the headlines in 2013 as one of the most advanced humanoid robot ever developed. It weighted 75kg, could carry 11kg of groceries (or anything else!), had a stereo vision (using Lidar) and 28 joints providing flexibility in its movement and the capability …

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Too much technology to do stupid things!

I was reading yesterday the demise of TickTock, a Silicon Valley start up that focussed on robotics in the home. Their vision was a home where many of the chores would be done by several robots, each one with its own focussed task. Rather than building a very complex robot …

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Disruptive Technologies available today for the Smart Planet

Let’s keep exploring technologies available today that are likely to disrupt the market, as presented in the Imperial College foresight study’s table of technology disruptions. In the cluster of Smart Planet the researchers have considered the Deep ocean wind farms, Vertical Agriculture, Wireless energy transfer, Concentrated solar power, Micro-scale ambient …

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