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AI to cook an omelette?!

We have already seen robots cooking. Robots flipping hamburger (meet Flippy at Caliburger in California), others having a menu of up to 600 dishes (Robochef cooks Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean cuisine) other can prepare cocktails (Tipsy has 60 cocktail recipes up to its sleeve…). We have even seen a fully …

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Welcome Moxie!

After the success of Roomba, the robotic vacuum cleaner of the last decade, Paolo Pirjanian -former CTO of iRobot the manufacturer of Roomba, joined forces with Maja Matarić, USC robotics professors to create a successful social robot. The keyword here is “successful”. We have seen quite a number of social …

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From Cow-Boys to Cow-Buoys

By 2050 the Planet population is expected to be close to 10 billion people. That’s much less than the estimated number of ants living today (1 quadrillion, that is 100,000 more than the expected 10 billion humans in 2050) but their total weight is two orders of magnitude less than …

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Food delivery robots roaming US campuses

Having food delivered at your doorstep was unusual in Italy but in the last few years it has taken up steam, particularly among the youngsters. In other countries, like the US, it has been common for quite a while and even more so in the university campuses. Now it looks …

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A liquid flow of energy

Researchers keep looking at more efficient ways to distribute power, particularly in areas where the constraints are significant. Nature had billion of years in experimenting energy savvy solutions and through natural selection it has achieve impressive results. In most cases, particularly when we are looking at small sizes, Nature is …

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Pizza is fuelling innovation

According to the 2018 Pizza Power Report the worldwide business of selling pizzas has reached 134B$, 3 billion pizzas have been eaten last year in the US, over 30 billions in the world. That’s not bad for something that started as a slice of bread with some tomatoes and cheese. …

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