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Roadmap towards electric vehicles – I

In the last ten years the number of cars sold in the developed countries has seen a decrease (or at best a flattening out). The increasing number of sales per year worldwide has been sustained by the emerging markets, most notably China and India. The pandemic struck a blow on …

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Changing landscape for our energy hungry world

In spite of all the talking about becoming energy savvy, reducing our power consumption, humanity is bound towards increasing its energy dependence. The graphics included in the 2022 Global Energy Perspectives released by McKinsey shows this clearly. In 2050 it is expected a global use that is almost the double …

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Wright’s Law

The Wright’s Law, also known as “Experience Curve” states that each percentage increase in cumulative production (production volume) results in a fixed percentage of production efficiency increase. Studies carried out at the MIT have found that Wright’s Law is a little bit more accurate than the Moore’s Law (doubling of …

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