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Platforms, present and future VIII

5. Healthcare platforms In yesterday’s post I discussed smart cities platforms noting the importance of privacy as in smart cities we deal with personal data. Well, increase those concerns by a few orders of magnitude and you can step in the domain of healthcare platforms. We already have several healthcare …

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Platforms, present and future VII

4. Smart Cities platforms I addressed industry platforms in the last posts noting the multitude of data that are created by industry processes and in perspective by the products as they will be used. I also pointed out the crucial role played by Digital Twins in that context (as Digital …

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Getting to you using other people’s genome!

DNA fingerprinting is “old” stuff, going back to the 1980ies (watch the clip). What is new is the amount of DNA now available in several “accessible” data bases. People are having fun in looking at their sequenced genome, through companies like 23andMe, Ancestry and others. Actually, sequencing the genome has …

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Making filming part of your everyday life

Digital cameras have become part of our everyday life. Think about it. Wherever you are it is most likely that someone around you is taking a photo with her smartphone, isn’t it? GoPro has made a business out of the willingness of people to film their activities, from a simple …

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Building a Smart City from scratch – IV

4. Artificial intelligence (AI), The amount of data created and harvested by sensors (IoT) in a city is huge, but what matters is to be able to make sense out of those data. Basically, once one has the data the following questions have to be answered (ordered by the value …

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Augmented Reality for Biz

The new generation of Google Glasses, Enterprise Edition 2. Image credit: Google Google launched its first digital glasses back in 2013 but they were met with mixed feelings and discontinued in 2015. The first glasses were targeting the mass market, even though their price was not really on the cheap …

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