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They know our whereabouts

Can’t help but smile when I hear about “privacy”… Privacy is a figment of our imagination as we spend more and more of our life in the cyberspace. Even when we think to be living in the physical space we are connected to the cyberspace and our shadows is captured …

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Automotive: disruptions ahead – II

That data are going to play a major role in the future of automotive, both as tools to streamline several activities (like proactive maintenance, safety and security, traffic management and even design hints for future releases) and as a way to deliver new services (car as a service, transportation as …

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Smile, it’s office time!

We are all living on a small blue marble, as seen from the Moon. But, as you zoom in, cultures are quite different, sometimes more than oceans away, This is the case, at least so it seems, for the perceived value of privacy, seen as a non negotiable one in …

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Smartphones, and more, are getting cloudy

Processing is cheap, actually it is not! On the one hand we have seen a continuous decrease of processing cost but at the same time we have been increasing our (our applications) need for processing to the point that it made sense to create huge processing infrastructures that can be …

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A nice, ugly surprise

It already happened to me twice, and possible to thousands of other people around the world. I got an email with a link, courtesy of Amazon, that told me to look at what happened that day in 2003 (once, the other time was 2002, I seem to remember). I duly …

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What about sharks’ privacy?

The more time I spend in the cyberspace and the more I connect to a physical space that would have been out of reach to me (and, I bet, to most of you!). This time I stumbled onto Ocearch (I guess it is a contraction of Ocean Arch), a web …

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