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Megatrends for this decade XXX

22. Healthcare in the Cyberspace This Megatrend is likely to land in slightly different ways and at different pace in different Countries (and regions within a Country) but I consider this as unavoidable under the pressure of: steady increase of pro-capita healthcare cost availability of better cure / preventative cure …

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Digital Transformation in Health Care – V

In a previous post I considered internal specificity (genome, proteome, metabolome), now I am going to look at the external factors that need to be considered in precision health, starting with the Microbiome, a sort of a bridge between the internal and external specificity. Microbiome Our body is composed of …

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Digital Transformation in Health Care – III

Precision Health is the second area characterizing the evolution of health care. So far any cure, be it a medicine or a medical procedure (like a limb plaster), have been based on a statistical approach, i.e. leveraged on experience. By making a limb plaster in this way we have seen …

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