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Renewable Energy is reaching a tipping point

The IRENA Renewable Power Generation Costs report 2020 has just been published (June 2021) and it shows some very interesting data: in the ten years from 2010 to 2020 renewables have moved from a nice to have from an environment impact viewpoint to a must have from an economic viewpoint. …

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Window curtains to generate electrical power

Harvesting sunlight to generate electricity has been a goal for several years now and there are plenty of solar panels doing exactly that. However, being able to harvest solar power from an apartment window remains an open goal. There are some companies, like SolarWindow, that offer a special coating to …

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The quest for unlimited, renewable, energy

Our quest for unlimited renewable energy is actually a quest for methods (practical and affordable) to tap onto the Sun light bathing our Planet, every single day. This involves capturing it, converting it, storing and transporting. All of these aspects have to be addressed. We have created (and applied) many …

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Installing photovoltaic cost keeps decreasing

A study from GreenTech Media shows a continuous decrease of photovoltaic cost that is expected to continue in the coming years. This cost is measured in US$ per W installed and takes into consideration the photovoltaic panel, the inverter, the SBOS (Structural costs like civil engineering) and EBOS (Electrical costs …

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