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The economics of the Digital Transformation – X

Cognitive Digital Twins for humans In a manufacturing workflow humans are (still) playing an important role. Hence modelling the workflow requires modelling the human activity as well. A cognitive digital twin shall take the human role in the workflow as an integral part of the model. At this point the …

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Towards interactive walls

We have got used to larger and larger television screens at home, as well as using these screens well beyond watching television. If using them to display the photos from our last vacation seems just natural, using those screens to set ambient mood is a little but more unusual, and …

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Augmented Reality in the Operating Room

Augmented reality is slowly, but definitely, entering the Operating Rooms in many hospitals around the world to help the surgeons and the operating team. We have seen surgeons wearing the Google Glass (you can find a comprehensive review of their use here) and as technology evolves, both in terms of …

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