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Personal Digital Twins: European focus

I had the opportunity of joining a EU workshop focussing on Personal Digital Twins. In this, and in following posts, I will report part of the discussion, very interesting and informative in my opinion. The European Joint Research Centre -JRC- has become interested in Personal Digital Twins, and founded the …

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Checking the pulse to reach the sky

Fitbit has signed an agreement with NASA to provide 1,000 of its Fitbit Charge 4 wearables to NASA personnel, including its 150 astronauts. The wearables will be connected to the Work Daily Check-in platform were data analytics will evaluate the probability that the data provided by the wearables signify a …

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Megatrends for this decade XXXI

The evolution of healthcare in this decade will be sustained by the convergence of several technology areas, each progressing independently from one another under the pressure of demand from several markets: ambient, wearable and implantable sensors There are already millions of wearables in use that monitors some basic physiological parameters. …

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6G does not exist, yet it is already here! – XVIII

The quest for new players Telecommunications biz was born as a vertically integrated sector. The separation between “Operators” and “Manufacturers” took place soon but the two worlds have remained closely interconnected. The ITU, International Telecommunication Union, saw the participation of both Operators and Manufacturers (the members of ITU, a branch …

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Ecosystems 2.0 – VIII

Data are created by sensors and aggregated by the company (institution) that has an interest in those data (and probably owns/deployed the sensors). Data creation, as noted, is a fall out of the Digital Transformation, companies digitise their environment and create data that are used by them and can be …

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Personal Digital Twins role in Epidemics control – IV

2. There is a growth of Medical Cyber-Physical Systems (MCPS), basically resulting from the interconnection of several devices and systems in the medical landscape. As these devices and systems become smarter, able to acquire, process and make sense of data (through artificial intelligence) they are playing a bigger role in …

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