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So many Big Brothers VII

Travel The travel sector was one of the first to undergo a digital transformation. The idea of going to a travel agency to get a ticket or plan a travel is long gone. However, we are now planning our travels, sometimes just reinforcing our dream to travel, by looking at …

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So many Big Brothers… IV

Entertainment It used to be the national television and radio programs and the providers new basically nothing about me (the state, in Italy, knew you had a television set because they charged you an annual “tax” on that). Now, I subscribe to Netflix, to Apple TV, to Amazon Prime, and …

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So many Big Brothers… I

In his Nineteen eighty-four novel Orwell imagined a Big Brother that, using telescreens, was able to see and control people. He wrote it in 1949 and imagined that people were constantly reminded of this by the warnings appearing everywhere “Big Brother is watching you”. Today I feel we are well …

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