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Sono-Optogenetcs for Brain Computer Interface

A new technology, sono-optogenetics, is being experimented to support brain-computer interfaces -BCI. BCI aims at capturing the brain activity, convert it into bits and provide these bits to a computer for analysing what is going on, eventually what you are thinking.  Let’s clarify that we are still very – very …

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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body I

We have started to augment our body long long time ago, probably the first augmentation go back 170,000 years ago when our ancestors started to wear clothes to protect themselves from cold weather. You might not consider that an “augmentation” but it actually made possible to extend significantly the human …

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Looking at “how” neurones connect

The number of tools at scientists disposal to look into the brain in their attempt to understand it keeps growing. Projects like “the Human Connectome” are trying to map all connections among the billions and billions of neurones and eventually they will succeed. However the mapping resulting from those projects …

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Skipping the eyes, seeing with the brain

DARPA has awarded 26M$ to the University of Berkeley as part of its NESD – Neural Engineering System Design – program. The overall program, announced in January 2016, calls for the development of an implantable system supporting precise communications between the digital world and the brain, in practice converting electrochemical …

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Robotic Dragonfly

We have been able to develop amazing vehicles, millions of people are flying on comfortable airplanes that are -almost- autonomously flying, robots in the sky. Yet we are still far to create a really small vehicle, as small as an insect, with comparable capabilities. The approach that some researchers have …

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