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A glimpse on the “mind” of a jellyfish

Researchers have know for many years now that our basic brain components, the neurones, are functionally and physiologically very similar to neurones of all other species. That means that understanding the working of a snail neurone means understanding the working of “our” neurones. I know, it feels bad to know …

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Towards a true symbioses

An Aston University led consortium has won a funding of 3.5 M€ from the European Commission to explore the possibility of using natural neurones (and neurones networks) in conjunction with silicon chips to improve computation resulting in artificial intelligence. Now, this goal is not just ambitious, it is in the …

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Can a single cell be … smart?

We have known for as long as we spotted unicellular organisms that they can react to their ambient, getting closer to palatable food and moving away from unfavourable encounter. However, so far scientists believed that the reaction of these little critters was cabled: you prompt them with the same stimulus …

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Looking at “how” neurones connect

The number of tools at scientists disposal to look into the brain in their attempt to understand it keeps growing. Projects like “the Human Connectome” are trying to map all connections among the billions and billions of neurones and eventually they will succeed. However the mapping resulting from those projects …

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