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Frank Sinatra sings Britney Spears

Artificial Intelligence has evolved to the point of making it possible to detect specific characteristics of a voice and then to imitate that voice through a speech syntheses application. It has become so effective that it created the issue of telling if the voice you hear is the one recorded …

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The computer says you’ll get well

In the June issue of “The Lancet Digital Health” an article is reporting the study undertaken by several researchers and medical doctors  (mostly from the University of Copenhagen) on data from more than 230,000 Danish patients who were hospitalised over the last 20 years at ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Clearly …

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Could earphones get as smart as the brain?

I cannot help but be amazed at how something  we not even notice being so natural, turns out to be extremely complex and difficult when we attempt to replicate in an artefact (e.g. implement that functionality in a computer). This is the case I became aware of when reading an …

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