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Our World from above

It is vacation time, at least in Italy, and so why not relax and take a look at some nice pictures of our planet taken from the sky by the NASA Earth Observatory? I stumble onto these photos as I was looking at the present status and future challenges for …

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Checking the pulse to reach the sky

Fitbit has signed an agreement with NASA to provide 1,000 of its Fitbit Charge 4 wearables to NASA personnel, including its 150 astronauts. The wearables will be connected to the Work Daily Check-in platform were data analytics will evaluate the probability that the data provided by the wearables signify a …

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Has Quantum Supremacy been achieved?

Scientists have been dreaming and discussing Quantum Computers for at least 50 years (for a nice timeline of ideas and implementation of Quantum Computing click here) but the construction of an effective QC has proved elusive. Big players, like Google, IBM, NASA in the US, National Scientific organisations in Japan, …

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Mediated sight

NASA has announced working on a supersonic plane, the X-59, that will be able to cross the sound barrier (1234km/h in dry air at 20°C, an easy number to remember) without producing the sonic “bang”.  Such a plane would be able to pass the speed of sound over inhabited area …

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Taking GPS to Mars

A toaster size atomic clock has been launched few days ago by NASA to undergo a series of tests in orbit. It was tested for over a year on the ground and it proved able to remain within the specification of maximum drift of 1 nanosecond in 10 days (a …

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Transhumanism: Increasing Human Thought Capabilities II

The increase of thinking capabilities can be pursued by: “engineering” a better “brain” (pretty though, since we do not know yet how it works nor how the genome is shaping it …) Improving processing capabilities through focused stimulation better exploiting its capabilities, including establishing better connection with it, feeding more pertinent …

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