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Nice article! Nobody wrote it.

Last week I had an interesting call with a company that has been asked by IEEE to generate articles based on the material I have produced in the area of Digital Transformation. They have a team that will write the articles and they got in touch with me. The interesting …

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Platforms, present and future III

IoT Platforms IoT are now in the hundred of billions so it should not be a surprise that the IoT platform market is huge and it is soaring (difficult to agree on a number since it depends on how you define an IoT and how you count them: a connected …

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2019 Tech Trends III

Following on the previous posts on 2019 top tech trends let’s look at the 3 technologies that are expected to continue having a growing impact in 2019 but whose massive uptake is expected in the next decade: Digital Twins -These are software representations of assets and processes to understand, predict, and …

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