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Could the convergence of Mixed Reality, Robots and Social Networks be the future of hybrid attendance and participation in conferences and other gathering events?

Posted on behalf of Louis Nisiotis and Lyuba Alboul As a result of the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and the wide-reaching recommendations for discouraging or even prohibiting large gatherings, many conferences, concerts, matches and tournaments, and various meetings have either being postponed, cancelled or changed venues, with some of them deciding to …

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Augmented Reality for Biz

The new generation of Google Glasses, Enterprise Edition 2. Image credit: Google Google launched its first digital glasses back in 2013 but they were met with mixed feelings and discontinued in 2015. The first glasses were targeting the mass market, even though their price was not really on the cheap …

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A more convincing Mixed Reality

The fading boundary between bits and atoms is “fading” more and more as technology finds better and better ways to trick our eyes, actually our brain. Varjo, a Finnish company, has presented a new visor that from a technological point of view is a marvel and from the experience point …

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