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The evolution of human to whatever Interfaces XI

In the previous posts I pointed out the current status and limitations of BCI, Brain Computer Interface, showing that at the moment there is a tradeoff to be taken between higher precision and sensitivity provided by implanted electrodes/chip and non invasive interfaces. I also pointed out that at present interfacing …

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Building a Smart City from scratch – VI

6. Internet of Things Internet of Things is no news. Sensors (most IoTs are sensors) are everywhere and a city with a million people has probably over hundred million sensors (a smartphone has some 14 sensors, a car can have 200 sensors, a home can have a hundred or more …

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I don’t know about you but I often wonder as I am talking on the phone to a person I never met how that person would look like. Is the voice pointing to a specific age, to some specific traits? Of course it is in general easy to tell a …

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Tiniest transistor – yet: 2.5 nm

In spite of the fact that the Moore’s law has reached its ending point, researchers are still working on finding alternatives that would push its limits. The present most advanced chips in terms of density are already doing that. Basically the Moore’s law stopped in 2015 in terms of cost …

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Learning like a child

Machine learning is making significant progress, soft agents are duplicating themselves to explore different strategies and learn in the process, researchers are finding new ways to tag reality (like movie clips) to let machine learning by capturing those tags. Children do not need any of that to learn. They experience …

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A living computer

3D printing of living cells is no news. It started at the turn of the century as bi-dimensional printing of skin cells to create patch for healing burns and it has evolved becoming capable of printing 3D structures. It is getting more and more sophisticated (more on this tomorrow). Hence …

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