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6G does not exist, yet it is already here! – V

5. Power requirement All this increase in processing on the device side goes hand in hand with the increase of power demand, yet such increase, as pointed out in previous posts, is not manageable because increased power means: increased dissipation in form of heat (second law of thermodynamics); increased drain …

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6G does not exist, yet it is already here – II

2. Spectrum efficiency Over the last 40 years, since the very first analogue wireless systems, researchers have managed to increase the spectral efficiency, that is to pack more and more information in the radio waves. Actually, with the 4G they have reached the Shannon limit. Shannon (and Hartley) found a …

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Talking about 5G, investing on 4G

Yesterday a journalist wrote me asking to write an article on “Applications of 5G that are useful for citizens”. I replied that I wouldn’t know what to write since I cannot think of an application -useful to citizens- that could only become possible with 5G. 4G is providing plenty of …

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Holographic beamforming for 5G

As we have reached the Shannon limit in terms of squeezing bits in a single Hz researchers are looking at circumventing that limit by using several parallel “channels”.  This is what happens with MIMO, Multiple Input Multiple Output. The radio signal is generated from and received by multiple antennas (this …

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Taking a fresh look at 5G – Technology enablers I

Technology Enablers ICT (Information Communications Technology) has made a significant progress in these last 10 years.  10 years is the usual time it takes for developing a new wireless technology, whose whole life cycle is around 30 years, 10 of development and 20 in operation. In terms of processing power …

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