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Humans have bias, machines too

As 2019 wraps up I took a look at what went wrong with technologies this year. Unfortunately there is plenty, and you can Google for tech failures 2019 and spend some time browsing several of them. I am not surprised at all. We have had, in 2019 as in the …

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Present and Future of Communications

The new IEEE COMSOC Technical Committee Newsletter is out and you can read it here. It contains a number of very interesting technical articles and a short, candid,  interview I gave on the present and future of communications. Whilst the articles may need a bit of technical savvy to be …

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Going beyond voice recognition

Sometimes technology is wonderful, in a deep human sense. It can liberate our emotion and connect us with others (watch the clip).. This is the case of the technology used by an Israeli company, Voiceitt, that started five years ago to bring to market (first as prototypes and now more …

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AI is great but who is training AI?

One way to develop artificial intelligent solutions is to train deep neural networks with an existing batch of data (and related solutions) so that the algorithm can “learn”. Once the algorithm has learnt it can be applied to new sets of data (in the same domain). A recent example of …

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The evolution of human to whatever Interfaces VI

2. Extending the brain area where signals are captured Although we like to identify specific areas of the brain and associate them to specific function, like speech, hearing, reasoning, emotion, the brain structure is massively diffused. Yes there can be a prevalent area where a specific function is processed (emerge) …

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Smart robots for weeding

FarmWise is a start up producing autonomous robots for farming. It tries to single out its product line from competition with leading edge technology. Its autonomous robots use a variety of sensors and artificial intelligence to be aware of their surroundings. One robot, watch the clip, has been designed to …

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Taking AR to OR

I had a chance of interacting, several years ago, with LeRoy Heinrichs, a doctor/scientist at Stanford. He showed me how they were training the future surgeons (he was specialised in gynaecology) by using a sort of virtual setting. The real surgeon used a scalpel on the real patient and that …

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Swimming in Augmented Reality

If you are one of those people, like my older son, who doesn’t like your eyes getting wet as you swim, you are probably wearing swimming glasses. Well, now you have the option of buying swimming glasses that can double up as augmented reality goggles. Form, watch the clip, will …

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