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Megatrends for this decade – IV

3. Increased lifespan Humankind lifespan has been stable, around 30 years was life expectancy for most part of the recorded history, probably less in the hundreds of thousands of years we have no written record. This relatively short life span didn’t mean that a few people couldn’t live longer, we …

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Fixing potholes with AI

I should confess I never suspected that somebody would count the number of potholes repaired over a period of time in a given Country. Apparently, over the last 10 years 18 million potholes were fixed in the UK at a cost of 1B pounds. According to the same statistics the …

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Put a drone into your home

In its recent announcement, Sept 24th 2020, Amazon revealed a mini drone, Ring Always Home Cam, designed for surveillance of closed environment, specifically designed for our homes. As shown in the photo (left) it looks like a cube with smooth edges, that would fit nicely in any home. That cube …

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Leveraging Patterns – IV

There are quite a number of characteristics that can be used to create a digital signature. For humans, as an example, we can use face recognition technologies, as mentioned, or gait recognition (this latter is based on image recognition plus movement analyses). Notice that iris and fingerprint analyses are not …

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Leveraging Patterns – III

A digital signature is a pattern identifying in a unique way an entity. Notice that this entity can be a specific washing machine, a person, an industrial activity, even a city. No matter what, if in a given context you can find (through signal processing) a pattern matching the digital …

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The economics of the Digital Transformation – XI

Leveraging Distributed Knowledge As Digital Transformation becomes more pervasive the value of the cyberspace will increase, as part of the value rooted today in the world of atoms shifts to the cyberspace. Tools to manage data (platforms, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, Digital twins,  AR/VR) already make up a …

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So many Big Brothers VI

Social Media The variety of data that are harvested by social media is huge and their quantity is staggering. In social media, much more than in any other funnel of data gathering, the key factor is the correlation of data. It is not as much about what you are sharing …

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So many Big Brothers… II

Shopping “Born to Shop”. I remember seeing this on a t-shirt long long time ago in Carnaby Street, London, at a time when having writings on a t-short was new and eye catching. At those times Internet was yet to come and computers were nowhere to be seen in everyday …

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Lights and Shadows of Covid-19 on Digital Transformation – XVI

Supply and delivery chains are possibly some of the most complex and successful achievement of modern society. The computerisation of their management has made possible an unbelievable effectiveness. With quite a bit of simplification (over-simplification possibly) we can recognise these stages: Innovation and streamlining of transportation Creation of warehouses and …

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