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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XII

The automotive sector has adopted Digital Twins technology in the manufacturing to mirror robots in the assembly line. In the last few years it has started to create and use digital twins of the product, vehicles produced. More and more automotive companies are nowadays equipping cars (and trucks) with IoT …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XI

General Electric, as already mentioned, has been working for several years applying DTs to the energy production, specifically using them to monitor and control wind turbines. Wind farms are costly and complex systems where efficiency can be increased by fine tweaking of the blades angle and this in turns alters …

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One baby – one genome

The cost of genome sequencing has plummeted and it is now reasonable to imagine that every new born child can get her genome sequenced at birth. Actually, it is not even about imagining it: it is time to do this. In UK the Government owned company Genomics England  was set …

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What’s the prognosis? Ask AI.

Researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina have developed and tested an AI system, based on deep convolutional neural network -dCNN-, on real patients hospitalised with Covid. The system used lung CT scan to rank patients on a severity scale predicting hospitalisation time, the likelihood  of deterioration leading to …

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MXene: the marvel of alloys

There are 92 elements in the periodic table (118 if you want to include the artificial ones) and they can be combines in gazillions of ways, not just in terms of placing two or more different atoms together, also by placing them in different 3D structures. Each of the resulting …

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AI: a game changer in Pharma

Quris is an Israeli company (it is also based in Boston, US) betting that Artificial Intelligence can help to dramatically shorten the time to move drugs to clinical stage. Most drugs fail the clinical trials (up to 89% fail, according to Quris): if we think that the overall cost is …

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