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LIDAR hits mass market

LIght Detection And Ranging, LIDAR, is a technology used to create an exact tridimensional map of the environment. It is not a new technology, it started in the 1960ies as a way to map the Earth surface from an airplane. The airplane was equipped with a laser generating pulses and …

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Using AI to add depth to your photos

LucidPix has announced the testing of their new App based on artificial intelligence that will allow the creation of a 3D image (or better, the perception of a 3D image) starting from a plain vanilla photo you have taken with your smartphone. The app is not available yet, it should …

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LIDAR is getting cheaper

Detecting what’s around is the first crucial task of an autonomous vehicle (the second one is to understand what’s there and the third is foreseeing the likely movements in order to take appropriate decisions). By far the best technology for detecting (still and moving) ambient objects is LIDAR (LIght Detection …

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Please, remove those persons from the photo

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way post processing is made (it is also at work when you snap a photo…). Applications like Luminar and Photolemur rode the wave of AI to create products more advanced than Photoshop (the real benchmark in this area), where more advanced refers to the ease …

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