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2 billion of coffee lost to Covid

When Starbucks launched its apps for pre-ordering coffee and decrease queuing in their stores they actually discovered that the queues just shifted, and actually got longer, as too many people pre-order their coffee and then had to queue for the pick up. but that was in a pre-Covid time. Now …

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Planning for the new World – II

Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution We are already in the path of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the one characterised by a merging of the physical, digital and -at least for some- biological world. Personally I tend to limit the characterisation to the merging of physical and digital leaving the merging …

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Digital Transformation vs jobs

At the EIT Digital Italy Innovation day I was asked to share some thoughts on Digital Transformation and its impact on jobs. This is a topic I have been addressing for quite a while and I also socialised here and there on this blog (just search for “jobs loss”). It …

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