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Logistics Megatrend

Logistics has made newspapers’ headlines in these last two years because it had problems. Most of us do not perceive logistics since, when it works smoothly, we don’t see it. Shelves are full of products, sometimes -ever more often- we order on-line and we get the box at our doorstep …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XIV

 The evolution of Digital Twin is happening onto 4 main directions: Extension through the product life cycle Extension in depth Extension over the value chain Extension into the business area Some industries have been using digital twins in the manufacturing phase, some in the design, others are using then to …

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Ecosystems 2.0 – IX

The shift to the cyberspace and the ever growing “leverage” on data made possible, as I discussed in the last post, by aggregators that create context and meaning is fuelling the rise of a multitude of small companies forming a digital ecosystem around data. Think about the gazillion of apps …

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Spreading the Wings

If you Google for Supermarket queues you’ll get plenty of articles and images/video on the lengthy snakes of people in line. No surprise that online shopping has seen a tremendous increase courtesy of the lock-down. However, this is not true in all merchandising sector. Whilst (Italy data for March 2020) …

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