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New Tesla batteries: a game changer

A crucial component in electric vehicles -EV- and most likely the most important one is the battery. Actually, it is not “a battery”, rather a battery stack. A Tesla Model 3 uses batteries that are 21 mm wide and 70 tall (not surprisingly they are called 2170 type). These batteries …

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Using AI to “invent” new materials

At the end of 2020 I included in the Megatrends for this decade the use of artificial intelligence to design new alloys. There is a potential huge space for mixing atoms of different elements (plus using additive manufacturing we could create specific atomic structures!) and because of that we can …

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Get ready for a new acronym: SLBESS

Electric Vehicles are expected to increase in number through this decade possibly equalling the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) in terms of sales by 2030 and overtaking them from then on. This will require a tremendous increase in production of batteries and given a few more years a huge issue in …

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Our World from above

It is vacation time, at least in Italy, and so why not relax and take a look at some nice pictures of our planet taken from the sky by the NASA Earth Observatory? I stumble onto these photos as I was looking at the present status and future challenges for …

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We can do a lot, but we need to be forced to do it!

Sustainability is a good thing, nobody would deny it. We hear a lot of talking about sustainability, at political leve, at marketing level and on newspapers/media. The truth is that we have polluted the planet, as any other species starting with the massive pollution created by cyanobacteria that 2.5 billion …

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Storing energy may become much more affordable

Technology, both the one used in solar panels and the one used to produce solar panels, keeps getting better, meaning that solar panel are increasing their efficiency (convert more light rays into electricity – today’s mass market solar panels have an efficiency around 20%, the very best, but also very …

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