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Digital Tranformation: Impact on Jobs – I

The Digital Transformation, DX, is having a profound impact on jobs by: Replacing human workers with automation Removing the need for some type of jobs Changing the way jobs are performed, usually requiring different set of skills Creating new job opportunities in new emerging sectors Increasing the demand for DX …

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The larger the bandwidth, the smaller the workforce?

Verizon has increased steadily the capacity of its network and the capacity offered at the termination points over the last decade and it is investing to continue doing that in the coming one, mostly through 5G and its supporting core network(s). In parallel Verizon workforce has decreased steadily, losing 80,000+ …

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The Passenger Economy

An interesting report published by Intel is looking at a world where vehicles will no longer require a human driver. It is not going to happen tomorrow, but it is not too far away either. The first signs are likely to become visible in the next decade. Most likely the …

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Robots: creating or killing jobs?

The idea that robots are killing job is easy to understand. A robot comes and it can replace you by doing the same things you used to do, without stopping, without complaining and without distraction at a constant quality. You may get sick and the robot may break down but …

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