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Long lasting pandemic effects on jobs

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has had a strong impact on the job market and on its evolution. The idea that once the pandemic will be over everything will go back to the previous normal is no longer viable. True, employment levels will start to grow but that will take time, …

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The economics of the Digital Transformation – XXVI

The Pandemic Impact on the Gig Economy The recent pandemic hit the Gig Economy and possibly changed its evolution in two main ways: Emphasised the critical work environment with low societal protection Boosted the Gig Economy with, possibly, lasting effects Critical Work Environment The insecurity of work intrinsic in the …

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Planning for the new World – IV

Shaping the Economic Recovery That the economy has taken one of the biggest downturn in recent history is a fact. The intertwining of business and value chains across the planet has made it not just “global”, it made it worse since a glitch in a supply chain affected the whole …

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Planning for the new World – III

Revitalising Global Cooperation We live in a competitive world. The increased effectiveness of communications and logistic infrastructures, the former transporting thoughts, knowledge and ideas the latter goods, components and products has made the world even more competitive than in the past creating a single huge marketplace steering demand and a …

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Lights and Shadows… let’s wrap it up – I

It is obviously too early to draw conclusion on the long term impact of the pandemic, however some trends are starting to emerge: Acceleration of the Digital Transformation — and slow down The pandemic, as I pointed out in the previous posts, has accelerated the execution of the Digital Transformation …

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