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IoT gets pervasive

The sign of pervasiveness of IoT (Internet of Things) are everywhere, there are sensors embedded in a growing number of objects, including common ones. Most of the time we fail to perceive them, they are invisible, like the ones we have in our smartphones (over ten different types of sensors …

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2019 Tech Trends II

Following on yesterday’s post on 2019 top tech trends let’s look at the remaining 5 technologies that are expected to have broad dissemination and high impact in 2019: Active security protection – the person that invented the ship also invented the shipwreck and the castaway. This is a truth that applies …

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Amazing how much software is behind a turkey

According to SAP, as reported by Forbes, 52 million turkeys end up in US kitchens oven to cheer Thanksgiving festivity. I am impressed by the number and I should say I feel a little sad for turkeys (however, I do understand that every single day we collectively eat -worldwide- over …

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SAS Delphi results – Digital Twins

Area 8 – Digital Twins Digital twins, the replica in bits of an entity, as minute as a switch, complex as a turbine or cluster of many digital twins like a city, are an expanding reality in many areas: manufacturing, operation, planning and are now starting in education, health care… …

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Is 5G the solution? – II

Following on yesterday post looking at the “5 reasons why 5g is the Future“: 3. IoT Technology The article claims that the number of IoT will skyrocket in the next decade (I agree), that many of these IoT will end up in the home (sure), that they will lead to …

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