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From Smart to Intelligent Cities – Part III

Citizens are “autonomous systems” and the question, or if you want the “challenge”, is how can a city planner leverage on these autonomous systems to create an intelligent symbiotic organisms where intelligence emerges as result of its components interactions? Notice that even though citizens are (at least sometimes) showing an …

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From Smart to Intelligent Cities – Part II

OK, so we can expect a smart city to become more and more “imbibed” with IoTs, hundreds of millions of them connected through a nervous infrastructure supported by a ubiquitous communications fabric (5G) with plenty of software that makes sense of data and orchestrate the response of the city, seen …

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From Smart to Intelligent Cities

Smart is being able to make the most out of a situation, leveraging on what can be available. Intelligent means the capability to look ahead and make “conscious” decisions now, taking into account their impact on a longer term. Most animals are very smart, only a few, including (sometimes) humans …

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