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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body IX

Enhanced Intelligence and digital hardware enhancement We are the expression of our genes. However, this expression is influenced by a variety of environmental factors. Take the ability to play piano. Yes there are some people that are more inclined to music (musical ear we say) but it is unlikely that …

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Are we smarter than our ancestors? – II

In the closing of the previous post I tried to make clear that the focus here is on smartness not on intelligence. There are tools to measure intelligence, IQ tests. However, these tools are using measuring sticks that are suited to our current view of Intelligence. Were we to apply …

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Are we smarter than our ancestors?

Tomorrow I am going to be part of a panel at COMPSAC 2018 discussing “a smarter future”. I will be focussing on the trend towards symbiotic autonomous systems and will be claiming that this is a path towards a smarter future. I’d like to share with you a few thoughts …

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