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Lights and Shadows of Covid-19 on Digital Transformation – XVI

Supply and delivery chains are possibly some of the most complex and successful achievement of modern society. The computerisation of their management has made possible an unbelievable effectiveness. With quite a bit of simplification (over-simplification possibly) we can recognise these stages: Innovation and streamlining of transportation Creation of warehouses and …

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It is time to reinvent the wheel

We have already moved quite a long way from Henry Ford’s famous statement: “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” He didn’t actually wanted to limit customer’s choice, he wanted to produce a car that could be affordable for (mostly) …

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Platforms, Present and Future XIV

Platforms as enabler of business (and services) III OK, so after having discussed the evolution of API let’s go back to the use of platforms as enabler of the shift from products to services (and ecosystems). The evolution of products is first towards flanking them with add-on services (see graphic …

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Platforms, present and future III

IoT Platforms IoT are now in the hundred of billions so it should not be a surprise that the IoT platform market is huge and it is soaring (difficult to agree on a number since it depends on how you define an IoT and how you count them: a connected …

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