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Leveraging Patterns – VI

Looking a bit further into the future, smart grids can become widespread sensors, covering a factory, a city, a railway infrastructure, a whole region or Country.For sure smart grids will need plenty of data for balancing power demand with power offering and these data are both generated and used within …

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Pervasive AI in Industry 4.0

I recently re-read the interview given by Henrik von Scheel (considered to be the inventor of the concept of Industry 4.0) back in 2018, one and half year ago and stopped reflecting on its validity now. The name of Industry 4.0 was actually a marketing label for a report prepared …

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Planning for the New World – VII

Developing Sustainable Business Models Sustainability is a no brainer. Ask anybody if they want a sustainable world or a world where resources are progressively depleted, plastic litters the oceans, air is polluted and you can guess the answer. The question then is why are we not pursuing in a determined …

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Planning for the new World – IV

Shaping the Economic Recovery That the economy has taken one of the biggest downturn in recent history is a fact. The intertwining of business and value chains across the planet has made it not just “global”, it made it worse since a glitch in a supply chain affected the whole …

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Lights and Shadows of Covid-19 on Digital Transformation – XVI

Supply and delivery chains are possibly some of the most complex and successful achievement of modern society. The computerisation of their management has made possible an unbelievable effectiveness. With quite a bit of simplification (over-simplification possibly) we can recognise these stages: Innovation and streamlining of transportation Creation of warehouses and …

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It is time to reinvent the wheel

We have already moved quite a long way from Henry Ford’s famous statement: “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” He didn’t actually wanted to limit customer’s choice, he wanted to produce a car that could be affordable for (mostly) …

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