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StarWars on crops rows

Carbon Robotics is a start up focussing on what I would consider as a niche (although it is actually a very large niche): weeding. They developed an autonomous robot equipped with 12 HiRes cameras and AI software to detect weeds. Once detected a laser beam strikes, zaps, the weed without …

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Smile, it’s office time!

We are all living on a small blue marble, as seen from the Moon. But, as you zoom in, cultures are quite different, sometimes more than oceans away, This is the case, at least so it seems, for the perceived value of privacy, seen as a non negotiable one in …

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Robotics and AI for weeding

Possibly the biggest impact of the Industrial Revolution has been on … agriculture. By using machines for farming it made possible to increase productivity 100 folds (both in terms of yield per acre and much more in terms of human work to till, farm, harvest the field). The employment in …

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What can you do with a billion photos?

I have plenty of photos, close to 50 thousands, stored on my computer but that is a far cry from the billions of photos Facebook “owns” (I placed the “own” in quotes because I am not sure to what extent they really own our photos but for sure it seems …

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Are you a BIF photo fan? AI is here to help

If you are interested in nature photography you have probably had some (bad) experience in taking photos of birds in flight (BIF for the cognoscenti) and you know how difficult it is to focus on them. Continuous focussing, available today in many cameras surely helps but only to a certain …

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Robots get fired too!

It turns out that robots can be fired too, for low performance! Walmart started a project one year ago employing robots to track inventory in some 500 of their stores. The robots were designed and produced by Bossa Nova (watch the clip), a Pittsburg based start up. Their robots can …

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