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Portable neural network devices

I remember, it was a long time ago, the discussion on the advantage of going digital in sound coding (and then reproduction) and we actually ended up with digital winning hands down in all the music sector. Still a number of people resisted the idea claiming that analogue remained better …

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60TB seem huge, till you see 330TB

Last year, 2016, Seagate presented their new SSD storage with a huge 60TB capacity. It is not on the market yet, as of August 2017, and analysts expect a price tag around 40,000$, not exactly for my purse. That means a 0.66$ cost per GB. Compare this with a cost …

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5nm transistors

Back in 1964 Moore’s saw the increasing number of transistors that could be squeezed onto a chip. At that time the number was around 100 transistors, a tremendous increase from the 4 transistors that Fairchild managed to put on a chip in 1960! Today we have chips with several billions …

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