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Artificial Super Intelligence

As part of the second White Paper produced by the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative I am discussing the evolution towards Artificial Super Intelligence.  We will be discussing this at the Workshop in San Diego on October 30th and at the TTM 2018 following the workshop.  Don’t miss it! Today Artificial …

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Towards Humans 2.0

The dividing line, if ever there was one, between our ancestors and the present human species has been set by the acquired capability to use tools (it goes back to millions of years ago, the oldest proves of humans using tools go back to 2-3 million years ago with homo …

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AI helping in tracking our “best” life moments

Life-logging, the idea of recording our life moments, goes back to several decades (Vannevar Bush: the quantified self, 1945) but it has become “feasible” in the last fifteen years. Probably the most famous life-logger was Gordon Bell, a Microsoft researcher emeritus now retired, that started wearing a camera around his …

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Emergent beings – IV

Augmented humans, Humans 2.0 and Transhumanism are sometimes used interchangeably, however The SAS initiative takes the view of a progression where the first step is leading to augmenting the physical abilities of a person (imagine having a wavelength converter embedded in the eye that let that person to see in …

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Emergent beings – II

The proposed change of name, from “tools” to “systems” I made in the previous post is the consequence of a new qualitative dimensions of modern, computerised tools. Yes, today’s computerised tools are way more complex than what we used just 100 years ago, but that is not the reason. Today’s …

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