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So many Big Brothers… I

In his Nineteen eighty-four novel Orwell imagined a Big Brother that, using telescreens, was able to see and control people. He wrote it in 1949 and imagined that people were constantly reminded of this by the warnings appearing everywhere “Big Brother is watching you”. Today I feel we are well …

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From Data to Medicines

Bringing a medicine to the market is possibly one of the most complex and time consuming processes of our industrial society. And for good reasons. You want to make sure not just that the medicine works, it does what it is supposed to do, but also that it is not …

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The many faces of Digital Transformation – Societal Scenarios VII

Connected Healthcare The healthcare sector has been digitised (introduction of computers in equipment for analyses, monitoring, diagnoses, medication, genome sequencing …) and digitalised to a certain extent (exchange of data in various processes although privacy and standardisation issues are still limiting the exchange of several data, including the Electronic Healthcare …

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Is it good for me?

I read a book sometime ago, “The Story of the Human Body” by Daniel Lieberman, and was intrigued by the observation that quite a few of ailments that are common today, like tooth cavity, diabetes… were not at all common in our ancestors. The reason, according to the author, is …

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Augmented Reality in the Operating Room

Augmented reality is slowly, but definitely, entering the Operating Rooms in many hospitals around the world to help the surgeons and the operating team. We have seen surgeons wearing the Google Glass (you can find a comprehensive review of their use here) and as technology evolves, both in terms of …

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Digital Transformation in Healthcare III

2. Healthcare personalisation The sequencing of the genome is now a mass market reality. It kept decreasing but it has remained stable, around 1,000$ since 2016. The cost is expected to start decreasing again in the next decade with more effective mapping technologies (leveraging on machine learning, something that is …

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