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The mirror is watching you

Image recognition coupled with progress in artificial intelligence getting data from a variety of sensors is turning the magic mirrors we learnt about in fables when we were little kids into everyday reality. Today they are not into the business of telling who is the “nicest of them all”. Rather, …

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2022 Technology Predictions

As in the previous years the IEEE Computer Society has published a set of predictions on Technologies that are expected to make a significant impact in the coming few years (short term). These technologies have been chosen by a team of IEEE volunteers that first proposed a broader set and …

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Smart Bandage

If you ever had direct or indirect experience with chronic wounds (wounds that are very hard to heal) you know how complex is the monitoring, as well as -quite often- how painful for the patient the removal of bandages, the cleaning of the wound and its medication. Now a team …

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Spotting veins using AI

Technology is providing a helping hand to medical doctors and healthcare operators. One area is helping in finding the veins of a patient. Normally nurses (and doctors) do not have any problem in finding a vein in the arm to draw blood or inject drugs. In a few patients, however, …

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2025 Outlook: Healthcare

The amount of technology used in healthcare is huge, and growing. As shown in the graphics there is a relentless surge of new technologies that are advancing all aspects of healthcare. Significant progress over the coming 3 years is expected on (in order of shorter deployment horizon): Digital Health Insurance …

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Designing proteins using AI

Proteins are very complex molecules that are at the bases of life. The DNA is an instruction set used by the cell for manufacturing them, an error in the manufacturing instruction usually leads to a non-functioning protein with side-effects on our health. Proteins play a role in many infections and …

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Ready to swallow a digital camera?

A pill camera is no news (watch the clip, now almost 10 years old) to the point that its use in medical diagnostic has got a name: capsule endoscopy. What is new is that the NHS (medical service in the UK) now has adopted this diagnostic tool for screening people …

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