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New shoes for a new world

Our brain has been shaped by evolution to process and understand a multi-sensorial flow of data and to interpret them in a 4 dimensional space. Data that are generated in a lower dimensional space are re-interpreted by the brain to fit its 4 dimensional framework. So, when we watch a …

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The evolution of human to whatever Interfaces III

Clearly there is much more than voice based interaction.  So let’s explore other technologies and their implication first by looking at voice (and typing that we have already considered) alternative technologies and then taking the plunge into multimodal interactions (that is our natural way of interacting as human being!). Let’s …

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Playing with molecules in VR

In the past fifteen years the amazing progress in computation capabilities has made possible to address very demanding computational problems. One of them is the protein folding, an area that was already identified as demanding huge computational capabilities back in the early nineties. Understanding protein folding is crucial in health …

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