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Do you speak Whale?

We have come to take Google Translator as a given, it now (June 2021) supports 109 languages translating EVERY DAY 100 billion words! Yet, among all those languages (and I should confess last time I looked at the list there were a handful I dod not know of their existence) …

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“Come on, Answer to me!”, said Alexa

Many of us have become used to talk to Alexa. There are an estimated 94 million people in the US owning a smart speaker (up from 76 million in 2020). They are growing everywhere and if you include smartphones with smart personal assistant capability the numbers are in the billions! …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XVII – Healthcare DX

Digital Transformation of Healthcare Until 2019, in the pre-Covid era, Healthcare was lagging behind several other sectors in terms of Digital Transformation. The music sector as well the travel sector were well ahead, and even the manufacturing sector was considered to be much more advanced than healthcare. The pandemic did …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XIII – Doctor at home

Healthcare at home At home healthcare is nothing new. As technology progresses there are more and more opportunity for continuous monitoring and remote diagnostics. I remember I started to be involved, from a Telco perspective, in telemedicine 40 years ago as we were looking for application of ISDN, an amazing …

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Latest data on … data

Googling on “how much Data” you get a list of over 4 billion pointers, and that is starting to give an idea of the “data landscape”. Interestingly, the first pointers proposed by the search engine refer to “how much data do I need to store”, a question related to the …

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Megatrends for this decade – IX

8. The coming age of AI-Human collaboration what iThis Megatrend is already affecting our life in many ways as well as affecting business. Think about talking to Alexa or Siri: you are actually bringing AI into your everyday life.  Pick up your phone and take a picture: AI is at …

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