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It took AI to solve protein folding

Chemistry has a lot to do with geometry, particularly when we look at the chemistry of life. We have learnt a bit about it during the pandemic: the Covid-19 virus has a protein, the spike protein, made up by 1,273 amino acid folded into a 3d structure kept in place …

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“Perceiver”: getting closer to AGI

A significant progress in AI has been made in the last years thanks to the Transformer (August 2017), a Google software able to understand written text. This has opened up the possibility of tapping to an immense knowledge base available on the Web. It is like saying that we have …

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Getting it wrong, and knowing it

Quantum computers have been around for many years now, not in the field but on headlines of newspapers and magazines. They have been and are there because they fascinate our imagination, they are not in the field because they don’t work! Well, this is not a completely correct statement: as …

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