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AR now understands 3D objects

Current software libraries for AR, the ones programmers are using to speed up their work, support the creation of a layer where one can insert artefact, digital entities, to overlay of real objects captured by, as an example, the camera of your smartphone. You point your smartphone to a building …

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Platforms, present and future VI

3. Industry platforms II A separate post to discuss a quite different sort of platform, the car platform. It has been used by the car manufacturing industry for over 50 years now as a way to decrease the cost of production. The idea is to have a common base: floor …

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Platforms, present and future I

One of the topic addressed in the Digital Transformation Course developed by EIT Digital and IEEE Future Direction in its Digital Reality Initiative is that of Platforms. In these last few weeks I have been discussing platforms with a number of key people in several industries and now I take …

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Has Quantum Supremacy been achieved?

Scientists have been dreaming and discussing Quantum Computers for at least 50 years (for a nice timeline of ideas and implementation of Quantum Computing click here) but the construction of an effective QC has proved elusive. Big players, like Google, IBM, NASA in the US, National Scientific organisations in Japan, …

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A glimpse at Google stats

One of my acquaintances on LinkedIn, Tarun Reddy, sent me a list of 73 facts and stats about Google, consolidated in an Infographic by TechJury, that I found fascinating and I am sure you may like them as well. Everybody knows that Google is crunching a huge amount of searches …

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The near Future of Augmented Reality – VI

6. WebAR 2019 will probably be remember for the birth of WebAR, a set of API (mostly developed and pushed by Google) that would allow any content on the web to be used for augmentation. There are already, of course, several software developers experimenting with WebAR although the official release …

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