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I see you have some fever

Do you remember Google Glass? They are still around but nowhere to be seen except in some labs and workshops (plus some surgery room…). The problem with those glasses was they made people uncomfortable, the feeling of being “watched” created a rejection and several stores and public places displayed notices …

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Audio Augmented Reality

Google glass were met with curiosity but eventually raised strong opposition for their potential intrusiveness, a omnipresent Peeping Tom, to the point they were banned from several places. Oculus Rift are cumbersome and surely not suitable for moving around. True augmented reality glasses, affordable and seamless for a mass market …

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The near Future of Augmented Reality – IV

4.  AR powered solutions for the enterprise Google Glass were aimed at the mass market but they were probably too soon too little (both in content and in battery power). Additionally, they generated a strong wave of potential privacy violation concerns that contribute in their marginal uptake. However, several professionals, …

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Augmented Reality for Biz

The new generation of Google Glasses, Enterprise Edition 2. Image credit: Google Google launched its first digital glasses back in 2013 but they were met with mixed feelings and discontinued in 2015. The first glasses were targeting the mass market, even though their price was not really on the cheap …

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Bits and Atoms in manufacturing

Google stop selling its Glass in 2015 after a slow uptake in the mass market and many concerns on privacy violation to the point that several establishments forbid entrance to people wearing them. However Google Glass has found a good (and broad) niche in the enterprise world.  Several companies, like …

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