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Autonomous Agriculture

Our world is so much different from the past but I think that one of the thing that would strike one of our great-great grandfathers if they were to come back and walk around would be seeing the incredible magic of cultivated fields with no one tending them and the …

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The quest for unlimited, renewable, energy

Our quest for unlimited renewable energy is actually a quest for methods (practical and affordable) to tap onto the Sun light bathing our Planet, every single day. This involves capturing it, converting it, storing and transporting. All of these aspects have to be addressed. We have created (and applied) many …

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Thinking differently

The Future is already here (it is just unevenly distributed… as William Gibson said), tomorrow is going to be faster, cheaper, healthier … And yet, what if the future will be different? If we take a look at macro-scale, indeed tomorrow looks very much like today. Actually, if we were …

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Artificial Super Intelligence – II

OK, following on yesterday post, at a certain point computers will have some kind of super intelligence. What about us? When focussing on the increase of computer intelligence, and the possibility they will take the upper hand, we often forget about the possibility of increasing our intelligence. Is that feasible? …

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